Join the Cleveland Civil War Roundtable.

Membership in the Cleveland Civil War Roundtable is open to anyone who has a keen interest in the Civil War and who enjoys learning more about the war and engaging in discussions about it. Being an expert in the Civil War is not a qualification for membership. The only qualification for membership is a deep interest in the war. Dues are $60.00 for an individual membership, $80.00 for a family membership, and $20.00 for either a student membership or an out-of-town membership (i.e., >150 miles from Cleveland).

To become a member, please print this application and bring it along with your dues check to a CCWRT meeting. You will also need to make dinner reservations prior to each meeting. (It is not necessary to purchase dinner in order to attend a meeting. Anyone is welcome to attend a meeting without purchasing dinner, but anyone who wants a dinner must make a reservation so we can give a count to the caterer.)

Alternatively, dues can be paid by mailing a check to our treasurer at the following address:

Cleveland Civil War Roundtable
P.O. Box 43280
Cleveland, Ohio 44143-0280

Please include your email address and contact information when you mail the dues, so that we may verify receipt of your payment. (We do not give out contact information to anyone without your permission.)