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The Charger Archives

The newsletter of The Cleveland Civil War Roundtable

The Charger newsletter is published each month during the Roundtable season from September through May. The Charger includes original articles written by Roundtable members on many topics - personalities, battles, politics, social conditions, etc. Most of the material on this web site originated in The Charger.

This page contains a library of digital copies of past issues of The Charger.  To make it easier to find a particular issue, each entry lists the featured articles from that month's Charger.  Files are in pdf format, so you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your PC in order to read them. 

2018 - 2019 September October November December .January
Dan Ursu
Charger Editor:
Dennis Keating
Mike Wells

A Visit to the Infamous Andersonville Prison, Civil War Artists: Present and Past





February March April May  







2017 - 2018 September October November December .January
Hans Kuenzi
Charger Editor:
Dennis Keating
Mike Wells

The Myth of the Lost Cause—False Remembrance of the Civil War, Jubal Early: Lee’s Bad Old Man, The Southbound Underground Railroad, On the Route of The General, A Review of  'Pickett’s Charge: A New Look at Gettysburg’s Final Attack' by Phillip Thomas Tucker

Protecting the Flank at Gettysburg – The Clash of Horse and Steel on East Cavalry Field, On the Route of The General, A Review of 'Pickett’s Charge: A New Look at Gettysburg’s Final Attack' by Phillip Thomas Tucker

Weapons of Mass Destruction in the Civil War, The Man Whose Torpedoes Farragut Damned, A Visit to Fort Jackson, Lee's Daughters, Part 1

Morality or War Experience? – Treatment of Mental Trauma in the Union Army, Like Father, Like Son; or Not, John Gibbon, A Night at the Chesnut Cottage, Lee’s Daughters, Part 2

The Most Fulfilling Kind of Immortality, A Civil War Buffs Visit to the South Carolina State House, Lee’s Daughters, Part 3

February March April May  

Better and Better, Ohio Civil War Letters and Diaries: Collections, Confederate Graves at Flat Rock, Lee’s Daughters, Part 4

To the Bitter End – The Surrenders of the Confederacy, Confederate No-Surrender in the Trans-Mississippi West, A Stroll Through Spring Grove Cemetery, SWAK, More on the Complicity of the Confederate Government in the Assassination and Attempted Assassinations of April 1865, Lee's Daughters, Part 5

North Carolina in the Civil War, The History that the Victors Chose Not to Write, Removal of Confederate Statues, Lee's Daughters, Part 6

America, Love it or Leave it, Handicapping the Civil War, A Visit to "Crawfish Springs",Allan J. Peskin



2016 - 2017 September October November December .January
Jean Rhodes
Charger Editor:
Dennis Keating
Mike Wells

Stand Fast to the Union and the Old Flag: Re-electing Lincoln in 1864, Remembering "the Rock", Cleveland’s 1864 Presidential Convention

Autumn 1862 – The True High Tide of the Confederacy, Peter Diemer & Curtis Phillips: The Last Civil War Veterans From Cuyahoga County, Bushrod Johnson's Final Resting Places, The Battle of Roanoke Island

Work for Giants: he Campaign and Battle for Tupelo, Ex Parte Milligan Anniversary, Fort Ward – Bas􀆟ons Against the South, n

The Case of the Murder of Bull Nelson, Jefferson C. Davis and the Ebenezer Creek Controversy, A Visit to the H. L. Hunley, OR A Dose of Southern Culture, The Lincoln Legacy: The Man and His Presidency

Faces of the Civil War, Civil War Photography, Days of Defiance, Sheridan’s Butterfly, A Surprising Find, A Hanukkah Gift for All Americans

February March April May  

Cleveland in the Civil War, Whatever Happened to Camp Cleveland?, Monticello's Tortuous and Tortured Odyssey to Preservation

A Visit to Camp Moore, Louisiana's Primary Confederate Training Camp, Rosa Parks' Historical Rhyme, Wilson’s 1865 Raid

Destiny Personified, Civil War Cavalry Raids, Book Review: The Quartermaster: Montgomery C. Meigs, Lincoln’s General, Master Builder of the Union Army, Ulysses S. Grant in Georgetown, Ohio – The Indispensable Man’s Boyhood Home, William H. Seward and Civil War Diplomacy

Railroads in the Civil War, A Visit to Alabama's Arlington Plantation and the Lost Village of Elyton, Hickenlooper's Ohio Artillery Anchors the Hornet's Nest at Shiloh, A Stroll Through Metairie Cemetery, The Rest of the Story



2015 - 2016 September October November December .January
Chris Fortunato
Charger Editor:
Dennis Keating
Mike Wells

Major General John Alexander McClernand: Politician in Uniform, The Campaign Against the Confederate Battle Flag, From the field: The Civil War Institute at Gettysburg

The Memorial Art & Architecture of Vicksburg National Military Park, No Horse of Mine

Reconstruction: An Overview & a Different Interpretation, The Contested Centennial Presidential Election of 1876

Reconstruction: Jefferson Davis: A Changing Historical Perspective, On Trees and Forests: A Review Essay, The Union’s Jefferson Davis

The Great Debate: What Would a Second Lincoln Administration Have Been Like? Jefferson Davis Monuments: Being Removed?, Book Reviews: Embattled Rebel: Jefferson Davis and the Confederate Civil War, The West Point History of the Civil War

February March April May  

The 2nd Annual Trivia Game: Pictures, Paintings and Images, A Review of "Valley of the Shadows," by Ralph Peters, A Review of "The Confederate States of America" by Roger L. Ransom

Salmon P. Chase and Reconstruction, On Inconvenient Truth and Convenient Fiction

Lincoln's Two Vice Presidents, Ohio Vice-Presidents, Modern Civil War Music

Cleveland Soldiers’ & Sailors’ Monument, In Search of John Bell Hood, Jefferson Davis, John Brown House



2014 - 2015 September October November December .January
Patrick Bray
Charger Editor:
Dennis Keating
Mike Wells

Jacob Dolson Cox, William T. Sherman Makes His Case for the Uniton, Base Ball on Johnson's Island

CCWRT Team Trivia Challenge, Shelby Foote was Wrong!, The Battle of Cedar Creek

The Most Important Battle of the Civil War: Vicksburg, A Rebuttal to “Shelby Foote Was Wrong,”

Lincoln's Boys: John Nicolay and John Hay, John Hay’s Tenuous Relationship to Cleveland, John Hay Burial Site Lake View Cemetery, A Review of "Lincoln’s Boys: John Hay, John Nicolay, and the War for Lincoln’s Image"

The Great Debate: Who was the Greatest Corps Commander of the Civil War, The Confederate Battle Flag, Personal License Plates, and Litigation, Beyond the Battlefield, A Monument to Service: The Cuyahoga County Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument

February March April May  

How the U.S. Navy Won the Civil War, Clouds of Glory: A Review, Barlow-Gordon Revisited

John Wilkes Booth & His Conspirators, The Assassinated President Lincoln in Cleveland, John Wilkes Booth's Diary, The Case of Dr. Mudd

Lincoln’s Father Neptune : Navy Secretary Gideon Welles, American Queen: The Rise and Fall of Kate Chase Sprague, Civil War "Belle of the North", The War that Never Was: Britain, the U.S. and the Trent Affair

Fighting for Freedom: The Story of United States Colored Troops, A Review of "A Young General and the Fall of Richmond: The Life and Career of Godfrey Weitzel," Ohio USCT Medal of Honor Recipients, USCT in the Civil War: 5 Battles



2013 - 2014 September October November December .January
Jim Heflich
Charger Editor:
Dan Zeiser

A Species of Legal Fiction: The Wheeling Conventions and the Creation of West Virginia, Ohio’s Civil War Generals: Some Lesser Known, Gettysburg 2013

Slaves to Contradictions: Patrick Cleburne’s Emancipation Proposal

Zouaves: America’s Forgotten Soldiers, Zouaves in the American Civil War, Photographs of Zouave Soldiers and Units

“It was a terribly grand scene...” The Slaughter Pen and Prospect Hill at Fredericksburg

The Great Debate: What Was the Most Important Battle of the Civil War?, Justice in Blue and Gray, The Spymistress

February March April May  

The U.S. Navy and the Naval Battles for Charleston 1863, Charleston, South Carolina and its defenses during The Civil War, The Confederate Navy

The Battle of Kennesaw Mountain, A Perfect Pandemonium The Battle of Kennesaw Mountain

Materials and Processes in the Manufacture of Civil War Small Arms, Civil War Weapons

Soldiers and the Homefront: A Northern Community Confronts the Civil War, The Civil War in Photos, Farewell Dan



2012 - 2013 September October November December .January
Mike Wells
Charger Editor:
Dan Zeiser

The Battle for South Mountain, 8th Ohio Volunteer Infantry (OVI)

Morgan's Raid, Booth In the Confederate Secret Service, Part 1

Fort Pillow, A Return to Johnson's Island, Booth in the Confederate Secret Service, Part 2

The Irish and the Civil War, Fort Pillow and Ball's Bluff - A Response

The Great Debate: President Lincoln's Biggest Mistake, Simon Cameron, Andrew Johnson

February March April May June

Edwin M. Stanton: Buckeye Warlord, Steubenville, Ohio, Steubenville During the Civil War

Not as it Seems: John Wilkes Booth and the Forging of a Conspiracy, The Lincoln Family, Exhuming the Body of John Wilkes Booth

An Evening with President Lincoln, The Lincoln Family Part 2, The Lincoln Home and Neighborhood

Lincoln and the Emancipation Proclamation, US Grant Boyhood Home Rededicated, US Grant, A Brief Biography

Grant and Lee at the Whitehouse, A Review of Justice in Blue and Gray by Stephen C. Neff


2011 - 2012 September October November December .
Paul Burkholder
Charger Editor:
Dan Zeiser

Experiencing the Civil War, Historically Deficient, OK Visitor Center, Civil War In Central Missouri

The Battle of Monocacy, The Red River Campaign of 1864

The Battle of Nashville, CCWRT Field Trip Report, The Riddles of Francis P. Burke

How Sibling Rivalry Helped Spawn An Assassin, How Did the Presidential Party Get to the Theater?, The Sherman House, Ohio's Links to the Civil War


January February March April .May

The Barlows and the Gordons, Edwin Booth, Lewis Armistead, Civil War Revolvers

A.P. Hill at Gettysburg, Gettysburg Maps

The Great Debate: The Last Lincoln-Douglas Debate, Lincoln’s Suspension of Habeas Corpus

How Robert E. Lee Lost the Civil War, William Henry Fitzhugh “Rooney” Lee, Mary Anna Randalph Custis, The Children of Robert E. Lee and Mary Anna Randalph Custis Lee

The US Navy at Vicksburg, Vicksburg Maps, Book Sale


2010 - 2011 September October November December .
Lisa Kempfer
Charger Editor:
Dan Zeiser

Abraham Lincoln’s Effect On Constitutional Interpretation,
Grierson’s Raid

An Evening with William T. Sherman,
The Essential Lincoln Bookshelf, The Battle of Wilson's Creek, Franz Sigel

Civil War Female Spies: Belle Boyd and Mary Elizabeth Bowser,
A Lesson in Artillery

Letters from the Front: General James A. and Lucretia Garfield Read Their Civil War Letters,
James A. Garfield, A Biographical Sketch


January February March April .May
The Great Debate: Would Foreign Intervention Have Won the War for the South?, Conscripts In the Civil War, Who Was Better, Grant or Lee?

Lincoln’s Commando: William Cushing,
Ulysses Grant: Dual Personality?


Would Foreign Intervention Have Won the War for the South?, CSS Virginia vs USS Cumberland and USS Congress Civil War Naval Battle, John Hunt Morgan

The Fight for Money: The Income Tax Laws of the Civil War,
Ohio Regimental Flags

Ulysses S. Grant,
Civil War Events


2009 - 2010 September October November December .
Dennis Keating
Charger Editor:
Dan Zeiser

Plenty of Blame to Go Around: JEB Stuart’s Controversial Ride to Gettysburg, Strong Vincent, Balloons In the Civil War

Behind the Scenes at a Civil War Movie,
Gettysburg: Warren Saves Little Round Top, The Crater

Copperheads: Lincoln’s Opponents in the North, The Copperheads, Ohio Copperhead History

Three Soldiers and the Negro, The Decisive Battle of the Civil War: Another Nomination Pt 1


January February March April .May

The Great Debate: After Ulysses S. Grant and Robert E. Lee, William Tecumseh Sherman Was the Greatest General of the War, The Decisive Battle of the Civil War: Another Nomination Pt 2

The 26th Ohio Voluntary Infantry: The Groundhog Regiment, Lovejoy of Illinois Part 1

Steps Toward War: Two Dramatic Rescues That Led to It, Lovejoy of Illinois Part 2, March Civil War Events in Ohio

Rutherford B. Hayes and the 23rd OVI, A Report from the Field... The 18th Annual Sarasota Civil War Symposium, Blue and Gray on the Silver Screen

John Wilkes Booth: Escape and Capture, Kentucky in the Civil War - Mill Springs: No Longer a Footnote


2008 - 2009 September October November December .
Jon Thompson
Charger Editor:
Dan Zeiser

Varina Davis, First Lady of the Confederacy, Lincoln Memorial University

The Supreme Court During the Civil War,
The Irish In the Civil War Pt 1

Blood, Tears and Glory: How Ohioans Won the Civil War, The Irish in the Civil War Pt 2

Restoring the USS Monitor, The Irish in the Civil War Pt 3


January February March April .May

The Great Debate:The Hitherto Unknown Meeting Of Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis at Hampton Roads, Virginia,
The Battles of Nashville

The Great Emancipator as Lawyer, Taking “The Gettysburg Test”, Mr. Lincoln at 200

Meet Me at the Fair: The Northern Ohio Sanitary Fair of the Cleveland Chapter of the United States Sanitary Commission, Letters from the Front Pt1, The US Navy in the Civil War, John Pemberton

The 54th Massachusetts Regiment and the Battle of Olustee, Florida, Letters from the Front Pt2, Andersonville’s “Clerk of the Dead”, The U.S.S. Cairo

The Fighting McCooks, Scenes from the Fighting McCooks

2007 - 2008 September October November December .
Terry Koozer
Charger Editor:
Dan Zeiser

The Lincoln Douglas Debates,  The Proclamation That Saved a Nation

General James Barnett, A Man of Many 'Firsts',
The Proclamation That Saved a Nation, Pt 2

George H. Thomas at the Battle of Chickamauga,
The Proclamation That Saved a Nation, Pt 3

Nathan Bedford Forrest
George Crook,  Civil War-Era Ship Found In Watery Grave

January February March April .May

The Great Debate: Resolved: " That the CSA was a viable state,"
Three Ohio Civil War Veterans Who Became President


Civil War Quiz,
Decisive Battles of the Civil War? None,
Don Carlos Buell

Raid!: The Confederacy Comes to St. Albans, Vermont,  The Search for the Lost Confederate Gold

The USS Kearsarge vs. the CSS Alabama,
Ohio Peace Democrats

Jesse James: The Last Rebel,  The Fox and the Hedgehog The Hampton Roads Conference,
A review of "Lost Triumph: Lee's Real Plan at Gettysburg― and Why It Failed"

2006 - 2007 September October November December .
John Fazio
Charger Editor:
Dan Zeiser

The 13th Tennessee,
Visiting the new Lincoln Library & Museum

Mary Ann Bickerdyke,
The Barlow-Gordon Controversy: Rest In Peace, Pt 1

Lincoln at Gettysburg,
The Barlow-Gordon Controversy: Rest In Peace, Pt 2,
Review of "Civil War Monuments in Ohio" by Harold Holzer

The Confederacy’s New Mexico Campaign,
The Most Effective General,  The Civil War On December 13


January February March April May.

The Great Debate: Resolved: “That the Institution of Slavery was the Cause of the Civil War",  Civil War Revolvers,  Review of "Behind Bayonets: The Civil War in Northern Ohio"

Ohio's Civil War Governors,  More on the Great Debate,  The Civil War On February 14

Custer's Last Stand,
More on Barlow - Gordon,
Irwin McDowell Profile,
The Civil War On March 14

What If?,  Civil War Artillery.  History Day Awards

The Civil War Letters of Private Alfred Weedon, 26th OVI,  The Last Casualty of the Battle of Gettysburg,  Lincoln and History,  Battle of Narcoossee Mill

2005 - 2006 September October November December .
Dave Carrino
Charger Editor:
Dan Zeiser

They Had Navies, Too???
New Civil War Database Goes Online,  Battle of South Mountain September 14, 1862

How the Civil War Still Lives,  Constitution Causes Civil War,
The Battle of Fredericksburg,
The Battle of Chancellorsville

The Transformation of Abolitionism in War and Peace: Oberlin, Ohio as a Case Study,  The Changes at Gettysburg,
Spencer Rifle,
John Thomas Wilder

The Supply for Tomorrow Must Not Fail: The Civil War of Captain Simon J. Perkins Jr., a Civil War Quartermaster,
Silent Witness to the Civil War, Belle Boyd,
Confederate Spy


January February March April May.

The Great Debate: The Most Overrated Leader (Military or Political) of the Civil War,
Francis & Arabella Pt 1

Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain: Scholar, Citizen, Soldier,
Francis & Arabella Pt 2

The Trial of Henry Wirz,
John & Fanny Pt 1

A New Framework for Civil War Military History,
John & Fanny Pt 2,
Colt-Root Model 1855 Percussion Repeating Rifle

Union Jacks: Yankee Sailors in the Civil War,
“Wounded Lion” U.S. Grant’s Last Campaign.
Poetry Prize Winner

2004 - 2005 September October November December .
Mel Maurer
Charger Editor:
Dan Zeiser

Voices of the Civil War: Douglas, Lincoln, and Echoes on the Prairie,
Lincoln and the Black Hawk War,  September 8 In the Civil War

Henry Wager Halleck,
A Review of Jay Winik's April, 1865,
Ten Most Threatened Battlefield Sites,


Winfield Scott Hancock,
Brotherhood Forever,
Significant November Civil War Dates,  Biography of Turner Ashby

Ghosts of Gettysburg,
“The Prince of Rails” Robert Todd Lincoln,
Significant December Civil War Dates,
Henry Alexander Wise


January February March April .May

The Great Debate: Which is the Best Book, Fiction or Non-Fiction, On the Civil War?  Silent Witnesses to the Civil War Pt 1,  Weapons of the War  January Civil War Dates

Stonewall In the Valley,
The Vigilantes of Montana,  Forts Henry and Donelson,
Henry Wirz

Myths of Shiloh,
Silent Witnesses to the Civil War Pt 2,
Slavery in the U.S. 1790-1860

Jim Getty as Abraham Lincoln,  Balthasar Best and the American Dream

Patrick Schroeder as George T. Peers,
Giuseppe Garibaldi,
Poetry Prize Winner,
May Civil War Dates


2003 - 2004 September October November December .
Warren McClelland
Charger Editor:
Dick Crews




Clara Barton,
Behind the Lines: My Life as a Yankee in Franklin, Tennessee Part IV


January February March April .May

The Great Debate:“What equipment or innovation had the most effect on the Civil War?”, Spotsylvania: The True Turning Point of the War, Jews In the Civil War

Johnson Island Prison,
Was Jefferson Davis the Reason the Confederacy Lost the War?


General George Brinton McClellan,  Today's Navy and the Civil War.
A Visit to Johnson’s Island

Lincoln & His Generals.
The Peter Principle and George B. McClellan,
Poetry Prize Winner

The Cleveland Civil War Roundtable